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The only powder coating equipment in China with Mark


Jintech is Registered brand for new generation of powder coating production equipment made by yantai-jinli technology development Co., LTD. It is designed and produced based on ( European standard) directive to meet the terms and condition of European countries standards.

The Jintech series powder coating equipment are a combination of beauty, performance and economy for our customers who are looking for a high quality machinery with high level of standards and competitive price of chine’s products.

To meet the terms and condition of standards, we collected the best products from the most famous manufacturer around the world such as: ABB , siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Asco, Danfouss to be used in our equipment.

Jintech series powder coating equipment are available in different capacity from 5 kg/h which can be use in laboratory for research and development of new formulation to 1000 kg/h for high capacity plant.

We provide FINE POWDER FEEDING ABILITY for all Jintech series twin screw extruder. It enables our customer to save around 5% to 8% of their waste powder per year by recycling of their wrong formulated powder coating and bag filter fine powder .

By using of special steel alloy in manufacturing of critical parts of the system, we were able to offer 18-month full warranty for Jintech series equipment instead of normal 12-month warranty for B class and C class.

Jintech series equipments are tailor-made machinery, therefore, we can provide any changes or modification according to our customer demands .

There are many advantage and special specification in Jintech series. Please contact us for more details.


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