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Three Layer PE-PP External Coating Line 

Three-layer PE/FBE coating is the most popular method for isolation and corrosion protection of oil-gas transportation pipelines .using fusion bond epoxy powder coating with multi layer of thermoplastic polymers offer the most strong protection properties for ground/underground pipe lines with maximum isolation and minimum moisture absorption.

Process description

1- raw pipe inter to the line by crane or lift truck
2- pipe pass through pre heating unit (IF unit or heating oven)
3- after heat up , pipe pass through shot blast unit to clean the surface
4- pipe heat up by secondary IF unit and heat up to right temperature
5- FBE powder coating will be applied on heated pipe
6- co-polymer adhesive will be apply on pipe surface after few secound
7 thermoplastic layer will be apply immediately after co polymer
8- coated pipe pass through cool water shower to cool down
9- coating will be inspected visually and electronically
10- edge trimming
11- final inspection, marking , storage



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