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PU Foam Insulation and Anticorrosion Coating Line

Coating description

This coating line is use to cover metal pipes with two component polyurethane foam after it is base coated with FBE or liquid epoxy or other coating. It offer excellent surface protection, thermal isolation and durability properties to pipeline using for hot/cold liquid transportation.

Process description

1- raw pipe inter to the line by crane or lift truck
2- pipe pass through pre heating unit (IF unit or heating oven)
3- after heat up , pipe pass through shot blast unit to clean the surface
4- pipe heat up by secondary IF unit and heat up to right temperature
5- FBE powder coating will be applied on heated pipe
6- PU foam jacket will be apply on the pipe
7- PU coated pipe will be covered by black PE protection layer
8- coating will be inspected visually and electronically
9- edge trimming
10- final inspection, marking , storage



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