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Anticorrosion Coating Material

In a pipe line anticorrosion coating , there are several layer which provide specific protection according to their nature and chemistry. These layer must be applied on a very clean surface to assure high performance and maximum protection properties. Coating layer are include of :

FBE (fusion bong epoxy ) liquid or powder coating

Fusion bond epoxy (FBE) is primer coating which provide maximum anticorrosion effect. It is highly reactive epoxy coating which is available in powder or liquid form and apply on pipe fully treated surface (internal or external) by using electrostatic powder coating spraying gun or its liquid spraying unit.

Co-polymer adhesive layer

The second layer mainly is a Modified polyolefin with functional groups bond firmly to common polyolefin’s, polyamide, EVOH, PET, wood, glass and metals. It use as an excellent adhesive interlayer of various materials including steel. This layer apply by an extruder on pipe surface immediately after FBE coating.

Thermoplastic layer (PE,PP,PU)

Depends on the final usage and characteristics of coating, the 3rd layer of anticorrosion coating will be a layer of thermoplastic polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene or polyurethane. This layer generally produce by an in line extruder immediately after adhesive layer. It provide excellent surface elasticity and flexibility and protection. In some case this layer is ready and wrap on the pipe.

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