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UV Curable Ink


Technical data
JINRAD Application Method Drying Speed For Printing On
SX-10 Screen printing 30 M/Min General purpose
SX-12 Screen printing 30 M/Min Plastic, PVC, PE, OPP, PP, etc.
SX-13 Screen printing 30 M/Min CD, VCD, DVD, SVCD ...
SX-80 Screen printing 30 M/Min Solder mask for PCB
SX-81 Screen printing 30 M/Min Etch Resist for PCB
SX-82 Screen printing 30 M/Min Notification ink for PCB
SX-17 Screen printing 30 M/Min Special for gloss and metal
OX-20 Dry Offset 70-80 M/Min General purpose
OX-21 Dry Offset 70-80 M/Min Plastics, PVC film, PE, etc.
OX-23 Dry Offset 70-80 M/Min Metalized Foil
FX-30 Flexo Printing 80-90 M/Min General purpose
FX-31 Flexo Printing 80-90 M/Min Plastics, PVC, PP, OPP, PE
FX-32 Flexo Printing 80-90 M/Min Metalized Foil


Other technical data

Drying Method

Polymerization will be by a dryer fitted with at least one lamp 120 w/cm or two lamp 80 w/cm.
In case of gray, metallic or black, speed must be significantly reduced

Storage 6-9 Month  in closed pail kept at between +5 °C to +25 °C
Cleaning By Alcohol, Esters, Acetone, Cyclohexanone
Packing 1 Kg or 5 Kg Pail

JINRAD inks Must be used as manufactured, or at a dilution rate of around 5% with our reactive diluents JINRAD DL-2000.
Additions of Base JINRAD BX-10 enable the transparency to be altered without changing the viscosity.

Special Mixture or Tint All Available colors and bases can be mixed together to obtain intermediate tone. All special tints may be produced for quantities of 20 Kg per color or greater.


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